"Know your Mahatma"

A certificate course on Gandhian thought and its relevance

BB Systems (CIT-GPNP), the Tec offers an online course for three months for learning human values, Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of Non-violence and Peace. Students and persons of any age-group (18 or above) can join in this course to learn the inner values and Gandhian principles that would help them in their personality development process.

The whole course is done through online and is for free. Only a registration fee of Rs. 250/- will be charged. The registration fee is payable to “BB Systems” in the form of Cheque or Demand Draft. Upon successful completion of the course, certificate will be issued in printed format and mailed to the postal address given by the student. No online certificate will be issued at any cost.

The duration of the course is for three months (12 weeks). Each week will focus on certain important aspects in Mahatma Gandhi’s life, his teachings and principles.

All study materials, e-books, reference materials will be issued online for free of cost. Questions on the reading assignments as well as notes on the readings will also be available through online. 

There will be a separate assessment at the end of every week. A final assessment will be held at the end of the course. Those who successfully come out of this assessment will be considered as a ‘pass-out’ and be issued a course completion certificate.

The course is designed in such a way that any individual, students, professionals or part-time workers, can enroll in this course and study at home or any other convenient facility with the Internet connection. All study materials can be downloaded free of cost.

Application Form and Registration:

Application form can be downloaded from our website (Download link). Duly filled in application can be sent to our registered office (Address given at the bottom of this page) along with the prescribed fee of Rs. 250/-. Registration fee is payable to “BB Systems”, at Mettur Dam – RS. The course will commence only after successful registration and confirmation from The Director of BB Systems (CIT-GPNP).

Course Structure: The course has four modules each of duration 3 weeks.

·         Module 1: Early life and Education of M.K. Gandhi

·         Module 2: Experience in South Africa

·         Module 3: Leadership in India’s freedom struggle

·         Module 4: Social and Economic reforms

Course Content

Module 1: Early life and Education of M.K. Gandhi – 3 weeks

Birth and Family background

School education

Vegetarianism and Non-stealing

Value of Love, Truth and Honesty

London education

The three vows

Acquaintance with religions

Barrister M.K.Gandhi


Module 2: Experience in South Africa – 3 weeks

Discrimination and Humiliation

Formation of Natal Indian Congress

Phoenix settlement and Tolstoy farm house

Transwaal satyagraha

Ordeals with General Smuts


Module 3:  Leadership in India’s freedom struggle – 3 weeks

Fighting for justice: Indigo farmers and Textile mill workers

Non-cooperation: Boycott of British goods

Nonviolent experience – Protests against Rowlatt Act and Chauri-Chaura incident

The Dandi March

Leading the Indian National Congress

Quit India Movement


Module 4: Social and Economic reforms

Charka and Khadi movement

Sevagram Ashram


Hindu-Muslim Unity

Harijan upliftment


Course Assignments: Weekly assignments will be sent via email to the students. Assignments must be completed within a week’s time. Only after completing one assignment, next assignment will be made available.


Course Certificate: A printed certificate will be sent to the student upon successful completion of the course.

Address for all communications and for sending application form:


Registered office:

BB Systems (CIT-GPNP)

55/208, V.O.C.Nagar,

Thangamapuri pattinam

Mettur Dam – 636402

Salem District, Tamilnadu, India

Phone: +91 99414 34374, +91 94458 78374

Email: [email protected]