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The Center for Information Technology and Gandhian Philosophy of Peace and Nonviolence is a Techno-Gandhian center with a difference in the world of Information Technology. It is started with a motive of bringing technology and Gandhian Ideology together to end the never ending debate of their co-existence. It is devoted to preach and practice the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and spread the message of non-violence and peace amid much vibrant and frazzled world of IT.It has a unique blend of Skills and Experience. 

In the world of philosophical values of Mahatma Gandhi, Techno-Gandhian  Center is started with a view of promoting the principles of Peace and Non-Violence to the core. It is a place where you can see a culmination of technology and Gandhian philosophy going hand on hand with lots of energy and power. We are committed to preach these principles along with the technology, using online interactions.

This is a place where you can see a culmination of technology and Gandhian philosophy going hand on hand with lots of energy and power based on “The Techno-Gandhian Philosophy™”, as created, developed and experienced by Shri. Balamurali Balaji. It serves the society to enhance the moral and ethics one has to protect throughout his life amid all stress and strain caused due to the overwhelming use of science and technology in all walks of life.


The Techno-Gandhian Center (CIT-GPNP®) has spent years of time on Gandhian studies and researching on its relevance and applicability in modern days’ conflicts, issues and negotiations. It deals with the current day’s dilemma surrounding the professionals to assume socio-political roles and responsibilities by imparting Gandhian values.

Today, there arises a need for collaborative functioning of Gandhian ideals and science in practical life. Intellect with violence is meaningless and dangerous as well.  Moral life without intelligence is vain. In order to evolve, Gandhism shall also seek for the aid of science and technology. It is absolutely certain that this Techno-Gandhian Philosophy would be the future path of sustainable living in the world.


This is the world's first and great initiative towards taking Gandhism to the next level in this modern world facing various challenges in building a sustainable values-based, nonviolent, peaceful communities, both local and global, that can solve the issues which have never been witnessed in the days of Mahatma Gandhi or in the history of the world.
Services and Activities
Basic Computer Education (DOS, WINDOWS, MS-OFFICE & GAMES) for school students at free of cost. Other software training at nominal cost.
Know your Mahatma
A three-month free course of learning values, Gandhian principles of Non-violence and Peace. Students and persons of age-group 18-55 can join in this course to learn the inner values and Gandhian principles that would assist them in the personality development process.
  • Offering lectures and presentations on Nonviolence, Peace and other related topics in corporate, schools, colleges and universities.
  • Monthly E-Newsletter on IT, Gandhian principles, and current affairs
  • Online publishing books and articles on Gandhi
  • Produced “Gandhi Story” software CD in many Indian languages
  • Produced "The Flashback", a photo-documentary film on the life of Mahatma Gandhi  
  • Supporting and participating in secular, nationalist and anti-corruption affairs of the state
  • Campaigning for prohibition of liquor and alcohol